Carbon filter: How to trap the smells of his garden

As we have discussed in our page devoted to the ventilation horticulture, odour management is an important aspect of the culture inside. The most widespread method in the treatment of odors is the use of a carbon filter.

What is a charcoal filter ?

The charcoal filters are in the form of a cylinder filled with activated carbon, that is to say that they have the capacity to retain volatile molecules. They can be of different sizes and with varying weights according to their capacity. In the context of a culture indoor, the charcoal filter must be connected to a puller by a sheath and placed in height in your culture room, suspended. If you opt for this system, you will need to pay attention to the humidity of your grow space. In effect, the rate will be and the less the filter will be effective. It is your responsibility to find the balance between the comfort of the plant and the ability of the filter to be effective.

How to install a charcoal filter ?

In the classic manner, the carbon filter must be installed in height, connected to theextractor by a sheath.

But you can also opt for installation on a reflector vented.

Schéma de montage d'un filtre à charbon sur réflecteur vitré ventilé

Attention: The above diagrams are for the purpose of explaining the mounting of a charcoal filter. This is not a complete installation.


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