Know how to manipulate the temperature, humidity and CO2

In the indoor culture, the ventilation is an essential element for anyone who wants to succeed in its culture. Without effective ventilation system, your chamber of culture is likely to turn into a real oven. Needless to say, it will sound the end of your plants. It will also be important to establish a moisture content satisfactory for your culture.

What is the role of moisture in a culture ?

We are going to start the most delicate part of the development of your ventilation system.

In the course of its development, the plant will require different levels of humidity. Thus, the cuttings need 90% humidity on average at the side of 60% for the seeds in germination. It is generally accepted that the rate of moisture ideal for a plant in full growth is between 65 and 75% humidity. Finally, the flowering period will have to be accompanied by drier air because you will need to lower the humidity up to 50% to prevent the development of mold and mildew.

The humidity level is very complicated to control in a culture chamber because it requires a true balance between the temperature and the extraction power. Indoor Discount offers you a number of accessories allowing you to control, increase and / or decrease the humidity of your grow space.

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Be aware, however, that the humidity is going to be primarily dependent on the association of your lighting and your extraction. When your lights are off for example, it is recommended to let the fan run a few minutes to eliminate excess moisture before it settles on your plants and thus foster the development of the pathogen. It will also be necessary to start your extractor a bit after you have lit your lamp so that the humidity and the CO2 generated during the night is not withdrawn too quickly.

What is the importance of an extractor and a intracteur ?

Good air circulation is essential for that plants may benefit from the best environment. Therefore, it is important to renew the air in your culture room on a regular basis.

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What is the role of CO2 in an indoor culture ?

In an indoor garden like outside, plants need CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in order to activate the process of photosynthesis that will allow them to feed of the light emitted by the sun or your light bulb. This is how the plant is going to get their fill of organic compound such as carbohydrate that can be disseminated through the food chain. The CO2 is then transformed into O2 (Oxygen) by the plant before being released into the atmosphere.

At the same time, the plants perform a phenomenon that most people are unaware of : They breathe. In effect, the plants, like other living beings of this planet, consumes oxygen. They absorb CO2 for photosynthesis, but also rejects breathable. Of course, the amount of oxygen rejected is much higher than the CO2 emitted.

The plants bear very well the contribution of CO2, as it will be crucial for photosynthesis, but be careful not to exceed 1000 ppm (mass per million, 1 ppm = 1 mg/kg). The ideal temperature for absorption of CO2 above 25°C.

It is important there is still much to renew the air in your grow space.

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The odour management

The odour management is also an important aspect of the culture in interior. In fact, if you enjoy the smell of your crop of mint, this may be not the taste of your neighbor. Be aware that there are many tricks to minimize the odors produced by your culture.

The ionizer

It is an electrical device generating molecules very reactive which will blend with your space of culture. This will remove the odors.

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The deodorant

Classic but effective, the air fresheners in liquid or gel may be used in addition or alone.

The carbon filter

This is the method most widespread in the treatment of odors. The charcoal filter retains nearly 95% of the molecules organic.

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What equipment to choose effective ventilation ?

Now that we have spend in reviewing different aspect of the breakdown. Indoor Discount offers you a number of article that will be useful in the preparation of your ventilation system.

You will need to equip:

>>> For the climate control: 1 Thermo/Hygrometer

>>> To automate the cycle of ventilation: 1 timer/timer

>>> To generate a brassement of the air in the space of culture: 1 venilateur

>>> To renew the air of the space of culture: 1 extractor

>>> To reduce the heat emitted by your bulb MH or HPS: The reflector glass/vented SuperCool 200mm

>>> Finally, the conduits in order to connect all the elements. Winflex offers you a range of Virgin Sound, the sheath silent

Every grow space is different, it's up to you to determine the items that you will need and adjust your lighting accordingly.