Plagron : a pioneer in hydroponics

Welcome to this other little break culture. This is Plagron. We will present this famous Dutch brand green and purple.

That is Plagron ?

Just like Platinium Nutrients, General Hydroponics, Vaalserberg Garden or even Canna, Plagron has also managed to pull the needle out of the haystack, with its fertilizers and fertilizer mineral or organo-mineral.
For nearly 25 years, this brand develops ofexcellent products in the hydroponic medium. This is one of the most recognized and most reliable, while it began with a farm of worms. Creating his first mix later, to finally become internationally present through its formulas nutritional of very good invoice.

Indoor Discount you, in fact, a quick presentation.

The field of the research : important step in Plagron

To the great satisfaction of the farmers, the health and development of cultivated plants, and ecology, Plagron has created its own department of "Research & Development" : each creation and new nutrients from Plagron suffered a strict control on the spot. This method of providing product lines that are serious and powerful.
In addition, Plagron is closer to its clients asking their opinion on its substrates, fertilizers and additives. Its researchers and scientists are studying seriously their comments in their laboratories, in order to improve the needs of its productions.

We can have confidence in both the fertilizer and fertilizer Plagon !

Who is affected by Plagron ?

Each producer hydroponics !
Plagron is for everyone, from the grower to beginner to experts. Always listening, it ensures the best performance of the crop for any gardener. Plagron wants all of its products provide good results for your horticultural crops.

The ranges of products Plagon

Now let's look at a few products Plagron thatIndoor Discount offers for the needs and proper development of your garden.

Range hydroponic : 100% Hydro

Combination offertilizer bi-nutritive compounds for the phases of growth and flowering, and balls of clay :
>>> Check out the range Hydro A & B
>>> Check Out Euro Pebbles

Range of earth : 100% Terra

The fertilizers and substrates that you need for a good growth and flowering successful in the earth :
>>> Check out the range Terra Grow & Bloom
>>> Check out the range of soils LightMix & GrowMix

Range 100% Coco

Your hydroponics is ensured thanks to the fertilizer, coco adapted to the substrates, coco, pH-stable :
>>> Check out the range Coco A+B

Range 100% Natural

Fertilizers and potting soils for crops in the soil, seaweed, guano from bats, or from peat, and organic fertilizers complete :

>>> Check out the range Alga Grow and Alga Bloom
>>> Check out the range of soils Batmix
>>> Check out the range of loams, Royalmix

Range of additives / pH / starters : Universal

Stimulate the growth and flowering of your plants, or improve and tone the ground of your culture :
>>> Check Out The Green Sensation
>>> Check Out Sugar Royal
>>> Check Out Pure Zym
>>> Check Out Vita Race

Hoping you have advice for the best Indoor Discount wish you a good research Plagron and a great navigation on our site.