Canna and hydroponics

In addition to the technical questions that you ask all of the hydroponics (and which we try to make the maximum possible responses), allowing us to make a small pause on a few marks in close connection with this techniques of gardening. And yes, growers of grass (or not, for that matter), it's good to know also the most recognized brands in the marketplace, to choose good products and so do not have to.

In this section, it is a question of the mark Canna.

That is Canna ?

It is now twenty years that Canna has managed to establish itself as a producer of nutrients. Thanks to its laboratories and its scientists dedicated experts, Canna is able to drill a maximum of the mysteries of plants, the control and use of, in order that they can develop in the best conditions. This in the greatest respect of the environment.
A product that Canna is for sale if, and only if, it works after many tests, searches and enquiries. The way of thinking of the brand is the following : all of its fertilizers are professionals. This implies that designers and manufacturers are going above and beyond for each of the products to create. Thus, even an apprentice gardener (which experts believe also) will be sure to buy and use a fertilizer high range, almost closed eyes. Canna is not afraid to take a long time before the output of a nutrient solution is optimal and efficient.
The great satisfaction of Canna is that of its customers and their cultures. Also, this leading Dutch fertilization is not afraid to engage in innovations (always in the respect of nature) : creation of fertilizer bi-components, formulas for crops planted on rock wool giving them an incredible growth, etc., fertilizers Canna are unstoppable, quality, and innovative. Canna is a safe bet !

Where is positioned Canna in the field of gardening and hydroponics ?

Canna, like its acolytes Platinium Nutrients, Plagron, Aptus, BioNova in the same domain, is considered as one of the best designers offertilizer and fertilizer for the cultivation hydro in Europe. As soon as you see the logo Canna (or BioCanna, which corresponds to its range of products 100% organic), you are sure to acquire a excellent solution for your indoor garden : fertilizer Canna for hydroponics you will plant strong, healthy and vigorous, thanks to a growth of the most formidable !

We will now introduce you to its different ranges.

Canna and its ranges

Canna, being well established on the market of the indoor culture, offers a wide range of products according to the different phases of development of plants and their nutritional needs. Indoor Discount you present here all its fertilizers and their applications, as the website puts at your disposal :

Range hydroponic : Canna Hydro

All the substances of these fertilizers are specifically intended for hydroponics :
>>> Check Out Hydro Vega A & B
>>> Check Out Hydro Flores A & B

Range of soil : Canna Terra

For the soil, these products, to job simple and to the basis of peat, are to the growth and the flowering of the plants :
>>> Check Out Terra Professional
>>> Check Out Terra Professional Plus

Range pH already calibrated : Canna Aqua

Here are the nutrients specifically suited for recirculation systems, that is to say, in hydroponic systems where the water flows :
>>> Check Out Aqua Vega A & B
>>> Check Out Aqua Flores A & B

Range of substrate-based coco : Canna Coco

Fertilisers easy-to-use devoted to roots and their development on substrate coco :
>>> Check out the'fertilizer Coco A & B
>>> Check Out Coco Professional Plus
>>> Check out the Bread CoGr 1m

Range of fertilizer additives :

These solutions are used to boost the plants. With it, you will improve your harvest and it is going to offer a better health :
>>> Check Out Rhizotonic
>>> Check Out Canna Boost

Range to improve nutrient solutions :

>>> Check Out Canna Start
>>> Check Out Canna Flush
>>> Check out the range of Canna Mono

Range 100% organic : Biocanna

Appropriate for the culture in soil, this product line has all of the prerequisites fororganic farming (that is to say, legally certified and guaranteed), and avoids the overdose of nutrients for your crop.
>>> Check out the range BioCanna

Hoping you have advice for the best Indoor Discount wish you a good research of Canna and an excellent navigation on our site.