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fertilizer growth BioCanna Bio Vega 5L - Canna

fertilizer growth BioCanna Bio Vega 5L - Canna


Fertilizer growth for growing on soil or coco fiber, available in 500ml, 1 L and 5 L.

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BioVega: Fertilizer of growth usable in organic agriculture

The Dutch firm Canna offers in its organic version, the range of BioCanna. And fertilizers growth is the Bio Vega from BioCanna. It promotes perennial plants the roots very dynamic, ready to provide a nice fruiting or flowering. This fertilizer of growth may be complete with the BioCanna Rhizotonic, during the phase of growth.

Composition of the Bio Vega

The BioCanna Bio Vega 1 litre Canna contains elements that are bio-active, rich in nitrogen betaine that is easily assimilated by the plants and slow-release to gradually meet the nutrient needs of the plants.

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