Ballast Eti Bi-Level Booster Dimmable 600W-666W , transformer, lighting


Indoor Discount presents you with its Ballast Eti Bi-Level Booster Dimmable 600W-666W

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ETI introduces you to his latest ballast Bi-Level Booster UAL Class 2 , which meets the standard of IP65 and works with bulbs type HPS, MH, and Hybrid.

This ballast ETI Class 2 is covered with a protective shell and designed to dissipate heat in the coil to the maximum.

It has a rotary knob switchable which will allow you to adjust the light intensity of your bulb, to have a better management of climate and a decrease in the power consumption of the ballast of the order of 30%.
You will then be able to control the light output of your bulb 600W reducing it to 40% or to a intensity of 360W, in order to support your plant throughout its life cycle.

ETI Duo Class 2 is supplied wired. You will find a cable of 2 meter to connect your ballast to an electrical power source, and a cable of 3 meter to connect up to the light bulb. Don't forget that the ballasts must be installed outside of the culture chamber.

Use this ballast only with incandescent lamps with a power of 600W.

Power: 600 W

Only use the ballast Bi-Level Booster UAL Class 2 with bulbs MH or HPS with a power of 600W

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