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Stick connecteur USB (pour contrôle à distance) - Bluelab

Stick-on USB connector (for remote control) - Bluelab


Indoor Discount presents you with his Stick (USB) connector for remote control) - Bluelab

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The Stick in the USB connector of Bluelab enables the watch to distance data measured by your monitors, Bluelab, to better control and adjust the pH of your nutrient solutions for your indoor culture.

The information collected by the monitors, Bluelab are collected by the key Stick USB connector and saved on your Google Docs directly accessible online. This allows for a better monitoring and control of the quality of your nutrient solutions in hydroponics.

To do this, simply connect the key to Stick connector Bluelab into the USB port of your computer, free download and install the software. Then, you can look at the data on your computer or smartphone to keep an eye on the solution of your culture. and this even at a distance !

The Stick-on USB connector also offers the possibility to connect to both the Controller pH Guardian Monitor connected and Controller, pH/EC Guardian Monitor connected (with which it is compatible) and set them according to your requirements (with the same settings, according to your dosing schedule, or according to the previously recorded data...)

Other features :

- Eregistration of the information collected, (when used with the monitors Controller pH Guardian Monitor connected and Controller, pH/EC Guardian Monitor connected to Bluelab),
- Remote viewing of the information collected via Google Docs (Internet access is required, by computer or mobile),

- Transfer of data to a monitor Bluelab connected to the other,
- Download online and free the Software Bluelab Connect

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