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The Controller pH of the Bluelab enables the measurement, adjustment and control of the pH of the nutrient solutions you provide to the plants in your indoor culture.

The smart Controller pH - Bluelab automatically manages the levels of pH, without you having to monitor. You simply program it according to your needs.

His system, therefore, allows to control and monitor, so set up and automatic, up to tanks of 760L. Manipulation facilitated by large screen LCD back-lit green (brightness is adjustable), and a menu that is ergonomic, very practical. With the device, are provided with a tube assay (4m) resistant to acids / alkali, a pH probe dual-link-replaceable battery, a temperature probe Bluelab separate (for pH ATC), with a peristaltic pump , replaceable tube.

Features :

- International power supply
- Locks for the assay to guard against overdose
- Calibration push-button simple with on-screen guide
- Flash alarm with lockout control
- Auto resume dosing on restart after power loss
- Option : use with Bluelab pH (undiluted) + or - (not supplied with the controller)
- Flow rate : 10ml/min

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