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Soundproofed air extractor Max-Fan ETA-Line 315 mm - 23600 m3/h (By Ruck), ventilator, ventilation

Indoor Discount presents its Max-Fan Extractor ETA-Line 315 mm - 23600 m3/h (By Ruck)

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  • Discover the Max-Fans extractors from the ETA-Line range, whose motors are of German origin, developed by Ruck Ventilatoren.

    The Can-Fan Max-Fan ETA-Line 315 mm - 2360 m3/h is acclaimed for its reliability and special performance. It also impresses by its hearing comfort, in relation to the power of the airflow delivered.

    The air extractors models from the ETA-Line versions of Can-Fan by Ruck Ventilatoren, demonstrate the efficiency of the range distributed by the famous brand of carbon filters, Can Filter. These very appreciable performances are based on the fact that the air flow at the outlet of this extractor is straight, powerful and linear.

    Characteristics of the Can-Fan Max-Fan ETA-Line 315 mm - 2360 m3/h :

    Inlet and outlet: 315 mm diameter.

    Maximum flow rate: 2360 m3/h.

    Maximum consumption (W) : 273
    Minimum consumption (W) : 198
    Maximum current (A) : 1.6
    Minimum current (A) : 0.9

    Warranty: 2 years.

    • Consumption
      from 0.10 to 0.50 kw/h
    • Air flow rate
      1501 to 7000 m3/h
    • Entry diameter
    • Output diameter
    • Type
      Soundproof extractor
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