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Air extractor Systemair RVK 125 E2 225 m3/h, ventilator, ventilation

Indoor Discount presents its Systemair Extractor RVK 125 E2 225 m3/h

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  • The extractors produced by the Systemair brand are among its air extractors with the reputation of being virtually "puncture-proof".

    The RVK 125 E2 air extractor or feeder is reliable, is in the category of ""UFO"" type extractors due to its axial shape and accepts to manage efficiently a carbon filter. The RVK 125 E2 air extractor or feeder remains a current reference in climate management (temperature and hygrometry) allowing a quick and simple installation on any growing room on the market.

    The RVK 125 E2 is more powerful, quieter and more energy-efficient than its predecessor, the RVK 125 A1. Like its predecessor, it can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically on a wall using the included mounting bracket or an optionally available wall bracket.

    Caution: extractor delivered without its power cable (available as an option)

    Features :

    Warranty: 1 year

    Air inlet and outlet: 125 mm diameter

    Consumption: 29.2 watts

    Ampere: 0.172 A

    Flow rate: 220 m3/h

    Thermal contact protection

    Class IP 44 CE

    Electronic engine control.

    • Consumption
      less than 0.10 kw/h
    • Air flow rate
      201 to 400 m3/h
    • Entry diameter
    • Output diameter
    • Type
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