Vaalserberg Speed Booster 500 ml , fertilizer calcium


Increases the quantity and quality of crops

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Speed Booster increases the quantity and quality of crops

Speed Booster Vaalserberg is an accelerator plant that will increase the quantity and quality of crops. Its liquid formulation is supplied instantly the calcium to fast-growing plants.

The calcium turns out to be an important element for the hardening of the cell walls and the consistency of the tissue. A lack of Calcium is reflected by a malformation of the leaves, the browning and fall of the buds and flower buds. In short, a dieback-general of the plant.

How to use Speed Booster?

Speed Booster is used as a complement to all fertilisers, on all substrates.

2 to 5 ml /L

Composition of the Speed Booster

EC fertiliser. Liquid fertilizer Nitrogen
Composition p/p
8.7 % of Nitrogen (N) total 8.7 % nitric
17.3% of calcium oxide ( CaO) soluble in water or 12.4 % of Calcium soluble in water

Caution : Causes severe eye irritation. Wear gloves, protective clothing, protective equipment eyes and face.


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